Life Style Inventory Essay

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LSI Assignment

After taking the Life Style Inventory (LSI) assessment, I have come to realized of the underlying thought patterns that guide an individual’s behavior. This quality of an individual’s thinking and behavior contributes greatly to that person’s work performance.
Part I - Personal Thinking Styles My primary thinking style is Self-actualizing and I can totally see myself through the description of this thinking style. The self-actualizing thinkers are characterized by an unusual high acceptance of self, others and situations “as they are.” They have a strong interest in working to become everything they are capable of being. They have a sense of self-worth, a strong curiosity about people and things, and an acute
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As a manager with high self-actualization, I tend to select creative and unconventional staff members. I will balance concern for getting the job done with consideration for people and their needs.

d. Controlling – With the trait of a self-actualizing manager, I always have confidence in myself and my ability to make things better. Sometimes, when that confidence is mixed up with my perfectionistic value, I feel that things won’t get done “correctly” unless I do them myself – that will discourage self-directedness in staff members. However, I need to watch out for my tendency to expect too much from my subordinates, which might cause them to see me as rigid and demanding.

Part III – Genesis of Personal Styles To reflect the above description about my thinking styles with my personal life, I recognize that I always have a strong curiosity about things, people, and how they all work. This curiosity is always present throughout my life and it is what leads me to my career in IT. I concern very much about self-development because my dad used to always tell me that a person needs to grow and become better with time. Since I was a kid, I always wanted to know how those battery powered toys work so I opened them up, learn about the internal mechanism and make something else out of the parts inside those toys. When I got older, I was interested about how computer technology which then grow into a commitment to get a degree in Information

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