Essay on Life Sentences Do Not Stop Convicted Prisoners

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Life sentences do not stop convicted prisoners. They don’t stop murderers from murdering again, they don’t stop rapists from raping again, they don’t stop any prisoner from committing the same crime again. There is always a chance of them getting parole or even breaking out of prison. There is only one way to fully stop prisoners. The process by which the convicted criminals of major crimes are executed by a governing authority is capital punishment, or also known as the death penalty.

“The death penalty, also known as capital punishment, is the process by which convicted criminals are executed by a governing authority” (Issitt and Newton). Crimes such as treason (the crime of betraying one’s country), espionage (the practice of spying or using spies), or murder are what can earn you the death penalty. Most nations today only use capital punishment for those crimes listed previously. “The 38 states that currently practice the death penalty only implement it for the most heinous crimes (namely first-degree murder)” (Pearce). Many people that get sentenced to death are convicted murderers, very few are sentenced for treason or espionage. “In the United States, the federal government and many states allow capital punishment for those criminals guilty of murder, inflicting the ultimate punishment for the ultimate crime of taking an innocent victim’s life” (Bowman and Dilascio).

The first executions were as early as the eighteenth century BCE, as indicated by evidence from…

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