Essay Life Of The Great Depression

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For as much chaos that may have been ingrained into my family there was something more that we all might have overlooked and that was the life that our family posed. Good, bad or ugly my family was full of life. I recall it was always busy, moving forward with getting the task at hand done - work was essential if not the most pertinent thing. My parents both born during the time of the great depression had grown up in a very changing time in Americas history, it was a time when men were considered the head of the household, usually the breadwinners while the women stayed home and tended to the family. A time when hard work was expected, respect was demanded and traditional values were strong.
Both my parents grew up poor. My mother was the third oldest out of four siblings, with her older brother William and her two younger sisters Anita and Linda Cabellero. Their father had left them when they were rather young and their mother was an alcoholic, they often moved between different family members for a place to stay. Although they were without much in terms of material things, my mother always portrayed her relatives as very loving and caring, often telling me that their aunts would brush their hair at night telling them how precious and loved they were. Another routine that would pass on as a family tradition as I am sure it did in many families was being sung to at night before bed, they would sing to one another songs like Swing Low Sweet Chariot, You Are My Sunshine and I…

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