Life Of A Healthy Living Of Happiness And Healing Essay

2326 Words Aug 8th, 2016 10 Pages
The first step of this journey to a healthy living of happiness and healing begins with the level of clarity on what exactly you want to achieve. The power of having passion to aligning with purpose to seek out prosperity is different for everyone. Asking the question, “if you woke up tomorrow and your life was perfectly how you wanted it to be? What would that look like to you? How would it feel that you are already there? What would need to happen for you to know that it was all you wanted it to be? Very exciting process to envision, the feel and to know that what you have aspired as the life of your dreams can actually manifest and materialize. The first step is building up the excitement of what is to come. In the process of being aware of what you really want and how you would like it to happen for you makes it a program that engages you to want to see this project of your life to its final stage. Many times we have a lot of unfinished business that needs to be resolved. We realize that what we think and say we want, when we start to feel that it is uncomfortable to re-live episodes of our life that aren’t so great, we tend to close the book and move on. In this book, keeping you embracing the process is half the work. Realizing the power that you hold within that when your thoughts are aligned to you words and the feeling that you are the creator of this perfect process of inner healing, the level of empowerment is so strong you make a commitment with yourself…

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