Life In A City Is Better Than City Life Essay

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It is better to live in a city than in the countryside.
A couple of decades ago life in a city had a higher level of comfort that in a private home. But it has changed with a distribution of autonomous engineering equipment, a growth of motorization, improving telecommunication technologies, the emergence of new building materials and the overall increase in the population 's welfare. A large number of people choose to give special attention to the area and the independence of public services in a countryside residence. Arguments on the are not relevant. There are a lot of city life supporters. Each variation has special benefits and disadvantages but more often that assessment of life in the city and in the countryside depends on personal
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Urben life includes different positive aspects. It incorporates education, communication, culture, traditions, opportunities to use the modern and innovative technologies. The main advantages of living in the city should include the possibility of self-realization and its features. Another indispensable advantage of urban life is the infrastructure which significantly simplifies the life of the urban man. Due to the presence of sewage, heating and water supply systems, urban residents make free themselves from domestic problems. The main drawback of urban life are the problems with the environment. The immediate accommodation near the industrial centers, highways and gas stations causes enormous damage to the health of …show more content…
With every year statistic of average salary, the average price on products change. As was written by John Raynor and Elizabeth Harris in the book 'Urban Education. The City Experience ' (1997) that even salary can have the tendency to decrease but poor people can be poorer because their bigger incomes had a lower value that explains for receiving city resources not easy. The difference between wage increase can rise. Operation in an urban system can lead to the impoverishment of the population. From this may depend all the politics and economics of the city. In most cases, this is a reason of safety problems. Because of the inequality in opportunities may arise, it is not very pleasant situation. Very often people have the opportunity to buy something or to do, but cannot be only misunderstood but also to insult and mockery. City life can be mercilessly infringe human rights. These are the main reason for leaving urban civilization

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