Life Changing Experience For Nursing Essay

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Growing up in a third world country where the quality of healthcare is very low, having an opportunity to study nursing will a life changing experience for me and the people who in return I plan to help with the nursing skills I will acquire after the completion of my accelerated Nursing Program. In Nigeria, more than 5 million children die each year from lack of healthcare; I have seen loved ones die of malaria, Pneumonia and Diarrhea because of inadequate medical skill and supplies. Missionary nurses have been a great help to our healthcare system and they have been an inspiration for me to help others achieve optimum health. Sick people have had to go to the hospital very early to go on a queue to see the few nurses we had at the community center. When I was 8 years old, at one particular time of the year the missionaries came to Nigeria from Europe to volunteer in one of the biggest community healthcare center in town.

I remember going with my mother to the healthcare center that early morning to see the missionary nurses; while she was attending to my mother, I asked her why she had come from Europe to take care of my mother. She smiled and said “she had come all the way to make my mother feel better so she can take good care of me.” That day was a wake up call for me; on my way back home with my mother I asked her if she would ever allow me to go help other people get better like the nurse. She looked in my eye and said she would be glad to see me help the sick and…

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