Life And Writings Of Ida B. Wells Barnett Essay

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After the Civil War, the United States encountered a period of recreating America after all of the destruction from the war and incredible loss in the population, and focusing on the rights and liberties of all Americans as equal under the Constitution--particularly in rebuilding the South. Such equalities, however, were difficult for many to comprehend. The post-Reconstruction era is the period which lasted from the late nineteenth century to the mid-twentieth. Post-Reconstruction consisted of events, thoughts, and movements that circulated the Civil Rights Movement. As it turned out, it was a period of continued oppression of Black Americans conferred by the White American race. One major form of oppression was lynching African Americans in order to keep them inferior and to shame them below the lowest levels of humanity. In one account, Patricia Hill Collins examines the life and writings of Ida B. Wells-Barnett and how her ideas did not die prior to the civil rights movement of the 1960s, but how they live and breathe the Black feminist movement. On Lynchings is the piece giving justice to Wells-Barnett, who was never fully recognized for her work and ideas during her life. The second piece, The Black and White of it is a piece written by Ida B. Wells-Barnett, herself, containing several accounts of mob lynching episodes based on false testimonies of rape by African American men on White women. She also presented the outcome of rape by White men on young African…

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