Essay on Life And Life Of Africa

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Life in Africa is one of the tough experience one can ever come by and it has turned to be a survival of the fittest, hence as a result of that everyone is trying to find means to live in order to make ends meet. From where I grew up, one of the things that could simplify life for you is to enter into family life as early as possible to avoid one engaging in unnecessary spending.

I grew up in a Christian home where we consider family as one of the important ways of making life very simple,that is being religious especially a member of the church congregation. One of the Men(Pastor) of God that came into my life when I was growing up is called Dr.Mensah Otabil of International Central Gospel Church. This is a Pastor whose focus was all on family, hence trying to engage young adults in the church to understand the principle of entering into a family life. As a result of the principles I learned about marriage and family from Church, I entered into a marital home at the age of 23 which shaped my life from engaging in unnecessary things (clubbing, smoking womanizing). The vows that I exchanged during my wedding bound me and put some restrictions on me which kept me to be a very strong and a disciplined man and this has become one of the ingredients holding my family together.

I was very fortunate to hear a lot of narratives from my mother when I was in my teenage years. She is a woman who shares a lot of her experience. when she was growing up as a result of her…

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