Essay on Lies My Teacher Told Me

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Lies My Teacher Told Me By James W. Loewen 1.
According to Loewen, teachers in high school spend time teaching students little accurate information on American history. He feels that teachers today concentrate more on inaccurate information than accurate information. He blames the publishers, approval boards, authors, school boards and the poor measure directed in assessing quality measures towards employing skilled teachers. In the book, there are two most important points that the author has raised: the overwhelming positive history and the idea of pleasing the majority. In his work, the author analyzed several books; in 1994 he analyzed twelve books and realized that the books are written to illustrate how the history of America is uplifting. The books show that in case America had a problem, the wealthy whites would fight the problem and overcome it. The books fail to attribute the contributions of the African Americans and American Indians In helping America solve its problems during the war and other challenges (Loewen 97). Textbook authors concentrate on selling the books hence delivering a lot of junk information and leaving out what is important. Authors are looking for ideas that will sell their books instead of ideas that will help high school students understand the past and recent history of America. Loewen talks about the Vietnam War an example of the Americans history what should be remembered and what is inaccurate. Textbooks tend to water down history by…

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