Comparison Of Lies My Teacher Told And Brutal Appetites

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For a species to survive and thrive there is a need for expansion and a growth in its population, those who survive become the dominant, shaping the world around it. In the readings “Lies My Teacher Told” Meby James Lowen and “Brutal Appetites from The Making of Mexican Culture in Frontier California” by Douglas Monroy, the prominent fact throughout each is history is written by the winner. From colonies finding the new world to World War II, those who were declared the loser were cemented into history books with that title. Each reading delves into the history we are not told in the classroom, and if the topic is touched on, it has a varied portrayal of one party and heavily praising the other. In the reading “Lies My Teacher Told” Meby James Lowen, he touches on the true history of the Native Americans and how they were a truer more realistic people than portrayed in the history books. Explaining how more Native Americans themselves were able to cultivate and produce crops at a higher rate and …show more content…
Instead of the power and unity that students learn from their textbooks that the missionaries brought to the Native people he states the plain truth, it wasn’t an attempt to blend the two cultures but to force the Natives to assimilate or accept a punishment. Having them change their lifestyles to accommodate for the setters, and abiding by their rules or face being ostracized and ultimately wiped out. It slowly caused the Native people to lose their way and in the end giving up the life they once knew and being told to accept what their lives were. Ethically it was seen as the Common Good Approach similar to Lowen, but the difference being the Native people were giving up the life they had to be able to survive and build a new life as

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