Constant Change

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The human world is in a constant state of flux. In fact it might be safe to say that change is the only constant that we humans can expect. No matter where you look something is shifting, whether that be our physical environment or the technological world of which we are part. Technological developments happen so rapidly that at times they can make more familiar components of our lives, such as libraries, seem outdated and antiquated. However it is the pairing of the two, technologies with the library, which have made the pair even more relevant in the evolving information landscapes that we modern humans find ourselves in. This continually changing landscape can be a daunting thought when just starting out in library school, but when I take a step back and think about it, when have humans ever been in a world that wasn’t changing? When writing this reflection paper this constant change, the evolution of librarianship, equitable access, and an ever present need to balance old with new are some of the ideas that I have found to be repeated in our readings and class discussions. Moreover the changing information landscapes that information professionals find themselves in, drives home the requirement of lifelong learning as an absolute necessity.
Constant Change and Evolution of Libraries
As overwhelming as the idea of continual change might be, we, as information students and
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James LaRue, Colorado library director, states that “the library is a community center, a place for lifelong learning, a place for early childhood, emergent literacy, a creator space, and perhaps most subtly, statement of community value” (McCook, 2015, 75). The heavy use of the quote sums up my idea of a library, it shows the evolution of the library highlighting the past and future. This balancing act is very

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