Essay about Liberalism And Its Impact On Society

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The terms liberal and conservative are tossed around in everyday political discussion so much that the original theoretical and the actual meanings of these words is often either misunderstood or forgotten. These words and their association with modern political party relations must be set aside in order to examine these theoretical ideas and how they connect and apply to real world political in practice.
Many of the ideas which Americans are familiar with as treasured characteristics of the United States’ government are actually core pillars of liberalism. At the center of liberalism are the notions of individual liberty, rights and obligations among citizens, and the idea that even the government is under the rule of law. Movements for universal voting rights, civil rights, and economic equality all owe their starts to liberalism. Liberalism encourages equal justice under the law, regardless of social position. All of these liberal notions are often taken for granted. Voting and property rights for every member of society regardless of race and gender are two are liberal ideas and only recently accepted in America.
The ideas of liberalism are so connected to everyday experience and values of American society, it’s possible to take them for granted and forget that these are from a liberal intellectual tradition. Individual rights and liberties are have been cherished in America, they are enthroned in the Bill of Rights. After many waves of reform and progress, universal…

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