Essay on Lia Should Have Been Removed From Her Parents ' Home

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Lia Should Have been Removed from Her Parents’ Home
In some poor and backward regions, the development of the health care and the social service systems is still incomplete and insufficient. It results that the people in these area can not get medical treatment in time and they are lack of medical sense. Worse, these deficiencies may also contribute to the medical neglact to a child. In addition, the features of religion beliefs and attitudes would be another reason which cause this problem. In the chapter five of the book, The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down, Lia is without necessary medical treatment that her parents didn’t give her the appropriate doses of medications because they didn’t understand the direction or they were unwilling to. Although the Public Health Nurses and interpreters have tried a variety of methods to improve their compliance with administrating Lia’s medication, the barrier of language and different religions is a challenging dilimma. When parents are non-compliant with medical recommendations for a child with a life threatening illness it may be fatal (Geffken et al, 325-330). It is necessary to protect Lia’s physical health when her parents don’t have ability to take care of her. Therefore, she should have been removed from her parents’ home to prevent from this terrible case.
Lia has been put into a serious period with her epilepsy, hovering between life and death. The onset of epilepsy is most frequent in the first decade of life, and Lia…

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