Lgbt Students Want Educator For All Students By Abe Louise Young

1932 Words Jun 1st, 2016 null Page
Times have changed, we are living in a more liberal world. Where for society is more common to see same sex couple, where same sex marriage are allowed, where laws protect people with different sexual orientation. Even in these times people with different sexual orientation are afraid to show their identity as lesbian,gay, bisexual, transgender for fear of suffering some kind of abuse by society. We are living in a society where discrimination,bullying, physical abuse sometimes could be a problem for people with different sexual orientation since some of them could be victim of it. In many cases we have seen that people with different sexual orientation as lesbian, gay have suffered some kind of discrimination and for that reason many of them are afraid to show to society who they really are for fear of being discriminated in others words they hide their identity. In the article “ LGBT Students Want Educator To Speak Up For Them: Learning For All Depend On Safety For All students” by Abe Louise Young. Young is an independent writer,educator and social justice activist. In her article she talks about students with different sexual orientation that are discriminated and says that “ in a school of 1,000 students up to 100 will be gay, lesbian, or bisexual 10 will be transgender and one will be intersex” This statistic come from her studies that she had made. According to Young “ if their lives are average ,87 of them will be verbally harassed,40 of them will be…

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