Essay on Lgbt Rights Of The Lgbt Community

1281 Words Dec 2nd, 2015 null Page
In recent years, people have witnessed the fight for equal rights in the LGBT community. As recently as the summer of 2015, the Supreme Court ruled for the legalization of same sex marriage in every state. Although that was a milestone in today’s society, there is still more to accomplish. Multiple people would argue that transgender people have enough rights and that they should not be provided anymore. What people are unable to see is the discrimination that transgender people go through in every part of their life. People who identify as transgender should be given the rights to access public restrooms, provided universal healthcare for their medical procedures, be included in the non-discriminatory employment laws and be protected from hate crimes. First, people who identify as transgender should have the right to access public restrooms in which they identify with. Recently, there has been a dispute about transgender people using the public restroom in which they identify with and a large number of people are opposed to this idea, claiming that trans people should have their own private restroom stall. Many people are against this because there is a large fear that men, will disguise themselves as a women and sexually assault women. Seventeen large school districts, which have allowed transgender students to choose whichever restroom they identify with, were asked if they have ever experienced sexual assaults under these policies. Neither of the seventeen school…

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