Essay about Lgbt Rights For Transgender People

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“There 's a gender in your brain and a gender in your body. For 99 percent of people, those things are in alignment. For transgender people, they 're mismatched. That 's all it is” (Wilson, par. 19). Recently, there has been a great amount of dispute over transgender people. One side believes that no one should be able to change their gender, and refuses to give the same rights to transgender people as everyone else receives. The positive side, however, is very welcoming and accepting of the transgender community and is fighting to help them be treated equally and be given equal rights. Federal, state, and local governments need to take steps to protect transgender rights and this minority can achieve equality.
The government has to allow children to transition to ensure their wellbeing. For example, according to Lindsey Tanner in Study: Transgender Children Allowed to Live Openly Fare Well, “Rates of depression and anxiety were equal in the study, which compared 73 transgender kids aged 3 to 12 with 73 nontransgender youngsters. The trans kids also fared as well on both measures as a group of their nontransgender siblings” (par. 2). Since most transgender children clearly remain happy and healthy when they are able to transition, our government needs to take steps to allow children the choice to transition. Even though it is assumed that children are too young to understand what is good for them, this study helps prove that children do make the right choices. Children…

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