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III Situation analysis
1. SWOT analysis
a. Strength
There are some strengths for our company. First, the water-saving washing machine differentiates on basis of high technology. This can be reflected on the selling points that can help our company stand out. This product can reduce water and energy consumption, the use of detergent, and shorten the time of washing and drying clothes. In terms of water saving, on average, a common 1 kg washing machine needs 35 kilograms of water to wash clothes. This new water-saving washing machine’s consumption is only about 2% of the ordinary washing machine. The climate of the UAE is very sunny and dry, which means that water is extremely important for Emiratis’ living. Water saving can drive Emiratis to
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LG has the following advantages. First, LG accounts for the largest market share, and it has many loyal customers in the UAE. According to GfK, one of the world’s largest market research organizations, LG has been in the top spot for two years running in the UAE. Additionally, LG’s washing machines have led in terms of market share in the UAE having achieved 33% in 2014, being the highest ratio within that year ranks them in the number one spot. The growth is up from 26.9% in the same period in 2013, reflecting a 6.1% increase. Furthermore, LG’s Washing machines volume of sales has also raised by 5.4%, allowing the company to maintain its No.1 position for several consecutive years. These data indicate that LG has a dominant market share and many loyal customers in the UAE. Second, LG has the consciousness of innovation and good technology. Due in large part to the popularity of LG’s 6 Motion washing machines, the company posted the best sales figures – in volume and value – for washing machines. Enabled by LG’s Inverter Direct DriveTM technology, the 6 Motion washing machine has won rave reviews. Its unique feature allows for more precise spin speed control and inner drum movements saves energy, time and gets clothes cleaner. With a range of cycles optimized for different types of fabrics and delivering a wash that is as gentle as it is thorough, LG’s 6 Motion technology goes beyond mere “laundry”. Third, LG has a good reputation. LG washing machines have gained a reputation as the most innovative appliances in the market

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