Lewis ' Argument About Sex Peaked My Interest Essay

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C.S. Lewis wrote many impactful books throughout his life, with Mere Christianity topping the chart. Within Mere Christianity book three, there was a key factor in the book’s success. After reading this thought provoking book the position that Lewis takes on sex peaked my interest. Book three introduces Lewis’ argument that sex in itself is not destructive, rather the perversion of sex destroys.
In the beginning of book three in Mere Christianity Lewis discusses the difference between moral rules and moral ideals, but his main topic of this chapter are the three parts of morality. The first one is unity between individuals. The second part is peace inside an individual, and the third part exists as the purpose of the individual. The final point Lewis makes is that people cannot make men good by law but that good men can make society good.
Lewis calls out the relationship between morality and psychoanalysis. Lewis states that the two sporadically in counter conflict within their relationship. Psychoanalysis takes abnormal emotions that can occur when making a decision and fixes them. When this happens the morality of the person is not taken into consideration. Therefore, once a person is cured from his unnatural behavior they are then free to make their own choices that may not be morally sound. Sometimes, people have mental deficiencies that cause their actions to be out of their control. Other people cannot see their true morality but, merely their actions. Those…

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