Letter To Pornography Industry Analysis

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Letter to Pornographic Companies
I am writing to object to the word daddy used in the bedroom, which has been spoken by women speaking to their lovers during intercourse because of films you have made public. Because of your involvement in the porn industry, women are told it is okay to call their lovers daddy. I do not appreciate hearing the word used so inappropriately. It should not be used in this context. In response to the disgusting videos your company has released, you have allowed people to believe it is okay to call their romantic partners such names.
I have no objection to your business or your engagement in this profession. However, the videos you produce should never have a woman call her partner daddy. By filming a
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I have friends who have terrible relationships with their father. In response to their distant relationship with their fathers, they call their boyfriends daddy. In one case specifically, I was at the mall with a friend and noticed she was texting a someone named “Daddy”. I asked about her father and she responded with “Oh no, that’s Jordan - my boyfriend, ” I was sick. It was interesting to find out she does not speak to her real father. Once she even captioned a picture with the words “daddy’s home”. This is where I blame pornography. Some of the sickening videos that have been produced showing young girls having sex and addressing their partner as daddy tell women everywhere that it is okay to call their men daddy. I understand some women are estranged from their dad, but as a woman who has a terrible relationship with their father, never once have I called a man daddy. In my opinion, it is a sick way to cope with a distant relationship and lack of paternal …show more content…
I made the decision to write a paper based on the fundamentals of why people say something that I find repulsive in a certain context. Producing an imitation of Davis’ letter has allowed me a deeper knowledge and understanding of the letters structure, voice, tone, and the overall purpose.
I admire the way that the original author wrote it as a letter, specifically addressing the problem at hand, instead of it being a generalized poem to the public. The writer objected to the word cremains; similarly, I objected to the word daddy. I chose to use a similar tone and create a stern voice, without making it entirely offensive. I want my point to come across and I want my voice to be heard. My voice was opinionated, judgmental, and entirely blunt. “Letter to a Funeral Parlor” was a very formal piece and showed extreme professionalism, whereas my imitation was more casual and informal. I chose this approach because I felt people would listen to me more if it was more casual and less professional. The structure of my letter was similar to the original in a couple of ways. I addressed the issue, explained why it was an issue, and provided a way to resolve the

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