Laurie Halse Anderson's Chains Essay

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Do you know what it is like being beaten if you don’t do your chores? Slaves in the 1700’s did. Chains is about slavery and how a girl named Isabel had to live when she was a slave during the late 1700’s. The book represents how a girl, Isabel, has to go through one of the hardest experience that she may ever had to go through. Throughout the book change the author, Laurie Halse Anderson, writes about what it was like being a young slave trying to survive. At some points in Chains, you realized that if you ever tried to defend yourself or defend anyone else you would soon be punished based on how rude you were. The author wrote, “ ‘That’s enough.’ Mr. Robert narrowed his eyes at me. ‘But Mr. Cornell-,’ I started. “Shut
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Throughout the book, you may have learned that it was very difficult being a slave and you were never treated the way you wanted to be treated. In the book a line states, “ ‘Why are you dawdling so?’ she yelled. “The floor in here is filthy, and the banister needs to be polished. And I told you to wear your shoes in my house.’” (Anderson 68). This line states that because Isabel did not do her job she was almost automatically yelled at and almost punished for not doing her chores in a haste manner. Eventually even if Isabel did try to do something right, in a way she would get quickly punished or bickered at. Another piece of evidence from the book states, “He grabbed my arm and pulled me roughly to my feet. ‘I told you to move,’ Mr. Robert snarled at me” (Anderson 6). This piece of evidence shows that because Isabel didn’t move in time, she was yelled at and got hurt. At this point, you may start to realize that not doing your work can show that you will get punished and yelled at very rapidly unless you act quickly. Throughout the book Isabel is treated with little to know respect and is always treated the way she never wanted to

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