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Letter to congress NUR/405 March 28, 2014 Karen Wilson, MN, RN, CGRN

To: Kathy Castor, State Representative.
Date: 3/28/14
Re: Support for a Bill That Seeks To Extend the Affordable Care Act
Mrs Castor:
My name is Vanessa, I am a Registered Nurse currently enrolled in the BSN program at University of Phoenix. I am writing this letter to identify a healthcare bill and discuss its impact on direct service delivery in the public healthcare setting. The letter also presents the cons and pros of the bill, in addition to
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The mechanisms increase the coverage and affordability of healthcare insurance. The bill dubbed Healthcare for All will provide coverage to uninsured residents through the expansion of the existing Act (Russ, 2014). Additionally, it will create new healthcare insurance exchanges, which will enable undocumented people to purchase coverage. The objective of the bill is to create a healthy state where everyone can access affordable and quality healthcare coverage.
Under the Bill, undocumented people will qualify for Medicaid coverage that has been fully paid by the state. The bill presents a required solution that addresses inadequate compensation systems and inefficiencies of state healthcare systems. The bill needs your support because it will offer two options to the undocumented immigrants. The first option is the extension of Medicaid to people, who earn below the poverty level. The second option is insurance exchange to people who earn above the poverty level. It will help in minimizing overcrowding in emergency rooms. The main disadvantage of the Act is that it creates new taxes, particularly on citizens. Providing illegal immigrants in California with healthcare insurance is an expensive venture because it will force citizens to pay more taxes in order to address the healthcare needs of illegal immigrants (Russ, 2014).
Based on these findings, I request your support for the bill. It is clear that

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