Why Is The Census So Important In American Politics

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1. Describe the process by which a bill becomes a law. Why do you think the process is so lengthy and cumbersome? A bill first starts as an idea, which can be started in the House of Representatives or the Senate by members of either house. The bill is then sent to a subcommittee to “mark it up.” Once they discuss and edit it, it is sent to a more general committee to be discussed and revised again. Once the committee thinks it has a chance of being passed, it is put on the Calendar. This is a schedule that lists when the bill will be discussed and debated by the house it started in (Senate or House of Representatives). In the House, the speaker of the house and the majority leader decide whether the bill should pass before the full house and if so, when. Once the bill is scheduled, it is sent to the house floor to be …show more content…
Why is the census so important in American politics? What is the major controversy that surrounds the method of counting in 2000?
The Constitution states that the amount of members in the House of Representatives for each state be based upon the amount of people in that State. To find out how many representatives should be given to each state, a census is performed every ten years. Once the data is received, states may lose or gain seats in the House depending on whether they gained or lost citizens. In the 2000 census, the census caused ten states to lose seats and eight states to gain seats in the House. Due to a sharper increase of citizens in the southern, more conservative states, the republican party benefitted from the reapportionment.
In the years before the 2000 census, there was much debate on whether a post-enumeration survey should be taken to estimate how many people were missed or counted twice, basically finding the scientific error. This survey would adjust the reapportionment and would probably favor the democrat party. However, the debate took such a long time that it did not meet the legal deadline and was thus

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