Bernie Sanders Campaign Analysis

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Through the Bernie Sanders Campaign, I learned much about the workings and effects of campaigns. Campaigns depend strongly on our social nature as humans and have the ability to shape cultures around them. They also impact the political environment surrounding the elections. As is their purpose campaigns play a large role in the election process.
Campaigns are reliant on human nature. In order to become involved with a campaign, a potential volunteer usually needs to know someone who is already part of the campaign. I found this out because until one of my friends started talking about Badgers for Bernie, I did not know how to get involved with the campaign. Even after that, in order to set up trips to volunteer, we needed to go through the
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Campaigns are able to gain supporters by reaching out to or marketing to potential voters. This could be seen in the Bernie campaign with canvassing, phone banking, and the organization of the rally in Rochester. Canvassing and phone banking were both ways to connect to voters in order to sway their votes or help ensure they turn up to the polls. The effects of this were shown when the places that had campaign offices the longest had the strongest and most enthusiastic support. Marketing to potential voters is done by campaigns attempting to appear relatable or advantageous to a specific demographic. The Sanders Campaign for example did this very successfully among young Democratic voters by stressing affordable education. That could also be seen in the organization of the rally in Rochester when the organizers set up the bleachers with high proportions of the elderly, students, minorities, and sports gear. The campaign wanted to target the elderly and minorities who tend to favor Hillary. It also wanted to appear relatable to the American public with the sports gear and to reinforce its strength among young voters. These tactics can be seen in the other campaigns from this year as well. Republican candidates will often quote the bible in an effort to appeal to Christian voters. Trump used crude and offensive comments through much of his campaign to successfully appeal to his base but has attempted to cut back in order to appeal to the general public. Many of the 2016 candidates have appeared on comedy talk shows in order to appeal to the shows’ audiences. Campaigns attempt to reach out to and be relatable to targeted demographics in order to increase

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