Essay on Letter Of Pornographic Companies : Letters

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Letter to Pornographic Companies
I am writing to object to the word daddy used in the bedroom, which has been spoken by women speaking to their lovers during intercourse because of films you have made public. Because of your involvement in the porn industry, women are told it is okay to call their lovers daddy. I do not appreciate hearing the word used so inappropriately. It should not be used in this context. In response to the disgusting videos your company has released, you have allowed people to believe it is okay to call their romantic partners such names.
I have no objection to your business or your engagement in this profession. However, the videos you produce should never have a woman call her partner daddy. By filming a woman calling the man daddy, you tell women everywhere it is socially acceptable to call your lover your dad.
Women grow up calling the man who created themdaddy. My guess is this modern adaptation was created by a woman with paternal issues, and substitutes the love their father does not supply them by referring to their lover as daddy. The videos your company produces allows the worddaddy to be used in such a corrupt manner. Luckily I do not hear this often, but when I do, I am mortified.
I have noticed this practice is quite common with girls who have issues with their father, also known as “daddy issues”. I have friends who have terrible relationships with their father. In response to their distant relationship with their fathers,…

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