Letter For Taking The Time At The Johnson And Wales Providence Downcity Campus

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I would like to start off by thanking Angeley Marte for taking the time to let me interview her. This conversation was very difficult to discuss due to the fact that she had to speak on personal trauma which took effect on her career choice. Angeley is currently studying psychology at the Johnson and Wales Providence Downcity Campus, but she also wants to pursue a law career. Being raised in a very traditional Dominican home, her mother’s ideals were very different from others. When Angeley was around the age of seven she lived in an apartment with her mother and older brother in the Bronx. She shared a room with her older brother, he was thirteen at the time and was apparently going through puberty with sexual urges. Angeley explains how there was no father figure in the household and she was too young to understand the circumstances of the situation that she was exposed to. When her mother would go to bed he would ask her to come to his bed and if he could try some things with her. Angeley felt as though she was too naïve to understand exactly what he was asking, but she would co-operate and do as he asked. She explained how her brother would ask her to remove clothing, and would ask her to promise not to tell their mother. Since she didn’t fully understand what it was that he was going to do she promised not to tell, he touched her in places no 7 year old should ever be touched. Angeley struggled with her brother’s sexual urges and abuse from the age of…

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