Lethal Injection And The Death Penalty Essay

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Imagine gasping for breath, but having a weight press down, imagine the unbearable burning agony that covers your entire body. This is what many prisoners on death row suffered through while being executed. Those prisoners, though criminals who had done unspeakable wrong, were forced to die in extreme indignity and pain via the “most humane, pain free” lethal injection. Almost all prisoners on death row have a very good reason for being there, but when executed by lethal injection, they are involuntary introduced to unimaginable suffering.
The method of lethal injection for cause of death was introduced by Nazi Germany during WWII because of their obsession with quick and efficient killing methods. Beginning in 1972 the Supreme Court ruled capital punishment illegal and unconstitutional and banned all further executions. However after four years of the death penalty hiatus, in 1976, capital punishment was reinstated and in 1977, pastor Bill Wiseman, a man who searched for a more humane way of killing, introduced lethal injection (Lethal Injection, Death Penealty.org). Since 1977 there have been one thousand two hundred and five deaths caused by lethal injection (Smith, 9). The lethal injection is mainly a cocktail mixture of three drugs a sedative, a paralytic, and potassium chloride to stop the heart. Though due to several of the previous European suppliers refusing to sell drugs for the purpose of execution, prisons have turned to American pharmaceutical companies. These…

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