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317.1.6-03-10 Upon review of the current appraisal process I have 3 main concerns. Firstly the form seems to focus on simply behaviors and traits. I do not see any emphasis on the task outcome being evaluated. It appears that the company is more concerned with if the worker is getting along with others that if he is doing the job assigned to him. Actually I see no reference to his job performance at all. Secondly this appraisal seems to be focusing more on the manager’s impression of the worker. All of the statements in the appraisal are how the worker seems to be by the manager. There doesn’t appear to be any input from others than a few coworkers. They stated a 360º approach to the appraisal process but are missing a couple …show more content…
This is the Behavior criteria we rate. Traits are a set of criteria that is often described as the weaker task outcome because they are often not directly related to the outcome of the task. These traits are the workers personal habits. Are they dependable, on time, enthusiastic, or a source of experience and knowledge to the group? These define the traits of an individual. By using these commonly sets of criteria we are able to focus on the whole person not just one area. When an employee works for a company they are a total package. It is not just there performance that can affect the workplace and ultimately the overall goals but it is who they are and who they fit. By focusing on the Task Outcomes, Behavior, and Traits we are able to see where we can help this worker become a worker who fits the company. Often managers focus only on the job at hand and dismiss personal traits and this can lead to disharmony in the workplace. Or they try to personalize things to the degree where getting along is more important that doing the job. We need to focus on all three to truly evaluate the contribution this worker is making to the company. It will also help the worker to see where they can improve. One of the best ways to evaluate an employee is to get input from the full circle of people they interact with. In most cases this is their supervisors, peers, and subordinates. The persons in

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