Let 's Your Practice Languages Without Spending Money ! Essay

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DuoLingo let’s your practice languages without spending money! We’ve tried DuoLingo and here’s our French and Italian review! Unlike other DuoLingo reviewers, I’ve spent hundreds of hours on the program to test every feature.

DuoLingo Review
DuoLingo French Review
Not sure what DuoLingo is? No problem, we’ll address that here as well as what features are beneficial to language learners. At the very bottom of this review we also talk about how fluent you can become with DuoLingo.

What is DuoLingo?
DuoLingo is a do it yourself style of language learning software which can be found on the internet and help you learn French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Esperanto, or Portuguese (Russian is coming out soon). The program was first conceived to help translate webpages, however as an unexpected bonus, a form of learning software was developed to aid students who want to acquire foreign languages.

When you get an answer correct on DuoLingo.
When you get an answer correct on DuoLingo.
I advanced up to level 14 in French, level 8 in Italian and I tried out many of the other languages provided. The program is arranged in a step-wise manner through a progression tree that spans topics like ones you would find in a language class. For example, there are lessons on greetings, food, animals, adjectives, possessives, clothing, colors, verb conjugations, and much more. You can level up either by completing lessons or by helping Duolingo translate webpages (usually Wikipedia…

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