Let Me First Start Off By The Bryan Family Is Hands Down The Best Group Of People

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Let me first start off by saying The Bryan Family is hands down the best group of people in the world. I am the youngest of three, I have an older sister (29), an older brother (24), and then there is myself (23). I also have two amazing parents who got a divorce when I was 3 years old and both remarried when I was 5. We are a very close-knit family who like to be involved in each other’s lives. Through the second marriage I gained a step-mom and dad, who also had children from their previous marriages, giving us three step-siblings. Growing up my mom had primary custody of all three children, leaving my dad with once a week and every other weekend, dads always get the short end of the stick. Growing up I always related really well with Robin William’s movie “Mrs. Doubtfire”, minus the cross-dressing dad. I am very thankful that my parents were so mature with the divorce and could handle being in the same room as one another without causing a problem. None of my siblings or me are married, but my sister and me are in very serious relationships. Which means we have to compromise our families holiday schedules to make room for two more families schedules as well, it’s a difficult time. That being said, I will finish up describing my family by also adding my boyfriend who one day will be my family. We met at Texas Tech and he graduated and is now working in Houston, so we are basically doing the long distance thing until I graduate. We have been together for 2 years and plan on…

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