Let America Be America Again By Langton Hughes Essay

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Think AMERICA. Does the words opportunity, paradise, or Freedom pop up in your head? America may not always be the best place, but it is a place almost everyone comes to for advancement. However, have you ever thought about the economic situation in America? Back in October 1929 after the stock market crash, the United States struggled economically (Ohanian). While the United States went through these hard times it leads into the Great Depression, causing America to be completely different. Let America be America Again by Langton Hughes was written in 1936. Hughes shows the honest horrific truth of the American Dream, during the Great Depression in his poetry through imagery, symbolism, theme and repetition.
Although, the Great Depression was a depressing time, it allowed social programs to come into effect. The United States was the only industrialized country that did not have any general welfare benefits. By 1935, Congress passed one of the first Social Security Acts; providing Americans with a disability, unemployment and old age pensions (Davies and Derthick).
“Let America be America again, / let it be the dream it used to be” (1-2). In the very beginning, we are learning that America is not what it should be. In today’s modern day and even the past people have come to America to fulfill their dreams. America was always looked as a land of opportunity, especially for immigrants. Prior to the Great Depression, (in the 1920’s) this timeframe was referred to as the…

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