Lester Bangs 's Music Review Essay

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In order to captivate audiences, Lester Bangs starts his music review with a sarcastic tone followed by the popular generalization of societal experience with the Stooges. He implies that the experience with the band is not supposed to positively project their image but to revolutionize the standards and conform the stereotype of what a band is as it is “as important as the product of any rock group working today” (1). Using a sarcastic tone, Bangs points out how the band stands out of the norm of a “groovy, beautifully insular hip community” with songs “that give up such a bad vibe” (1). Also stating that since there were many changes since Hip Hop became a genre, the Stooges provide a “strong element of sickness in our new, amorphous institutions” given that they are “the cure” that “bears viruses of its own” (1). Bangs stands by the belief that the Stooges lived up to the standards they were going against by providing “the traditions of two decades of beautifully bopping music” (1). These are the many reasons why Bangs give the Stooges such high regard.

Bangs describes Iggy Stooge as an “Amerikan boy” who had to go against odds such as “growing up amid a thicket of some of the worst personal, interpersonal and national confusion we’ve seen” (2). This is where Bangs interprets the foundation of Stooge’s image using his own background. Stooge has been characterized as “being hung up lotsa the time” and that is the basis of their music as Bangs…

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