Issues Facing America In The 1790s

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The 1790’s in America was an exciting time, as well as an uncertain time, for a blossoming country. America was dealing with the growing pains of a new country. Some of the issues facing America in the 1790’s will be discussed. America had to deal with problems at home, such as the election of 1796 and abroad, such as the XYZ affair. The XYZ affair, proved to the rest of the world that America was not to be taken advantage of, and taken seriously. One could argue that if the early leaders of America didn’t take the proper action on issues facing the country, the history of America would be drastically different. The year is 1796, George Washington has just finished his second and final term as president. Although there were many qualified candidates, four names were on everyone’s mind, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. Washington wasn’t running for a third term and …show more content…
In the years 1797-1798 the foreign minister of France, Talleyrand refused to receive the American peace delegation unless the Americans paid an outrageous bribe. France demanded fifty thousand sterling before the peace talks resumed. When Adams received word of this, he immediately ordered the return of the delegation. This issue that would be later known as the XYZ affair would be a key factor that led to America declaring war on the French. Just like a baby’s first years, America’s first years were of upmost importance. Many importance decisions and traditions had to be made that would endure for centuries. Everything from where to build the president’s house to dealing with foreign relations were taken care of. The election of 1796 set the stage for future presidential elections. Even details on what the president should be called were debated. The XYZ affair and the American reaction to it, is what really put America on the map and spread the message to the rest of the world that America means

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