Leonardo Da Vinci's Influence On The Renaissance

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The renaissance was a time when many great artists thrived. One of those artists was Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo was born on April 15, 1452 in Vinci, Italy. He became involved with art when his father apprenticed him to the artist, Andrea del Verrocchio. Leonardo quickly surpassed Andrea 's abilities and started creating his own artwork. In order to be considered the greatest artist, one must have developed and used techniques, and have had many pieces of art showcased for others to view. Leonardo meets these requirements through his many famous paintings and original ideas. Due to the large amount of artists during the renaissance, many people competed to be the best. Despite the praise that Michelangelo has received, Leonardo da Vinci is …show more content…
He influenced, and is still influencing, how artists and architects do their job today. In addition to influencing the artwork of the Renaissance, he influenced the architecture as well. For example, Leonardo helped architects by sketching building plans inspired by flowers and other organic shapes (Clark 71). His ability to incorporate his scientific concepts of art made huge difference in the buildings and structures of the Renaissance. Even after his death, Leonardo continues to have an influence on others by inspiring them to paint and draw. Today, many artists attempt to imitate his ability to observe and record anatomy and nature (Gopnick). The compositions and figures he once created are now iconic amongst the world of artists. The amount of attention and recognition he receives shows that other artist have a great amount of respect for him. During his time, Leonardo taught many students the concepts of how to paint correctly (Summers). This act shows that he was willing and wanted to influence other artists by teaching them his methods. Only a great artist would want to share his abilities instead of keeping them a secret. Due to his teaching, his own techniques and concepts have spread throughout the world and have given others the opportunity to master the skill that Leonardo’s students obtained when they were …show more content…
Many years after his death, hundreds of people are continue to study him and his work. For example, the chair of Leonardo Studies was established at the University of California in Los Angeles (Clark 37). Here, many people study his life and his accomplishments. Only a great artist would be admired hundreds of years after their death. Leonardo has also received acclaim through many of his famous paintings. His most well known painting is The Mona Lisa. The Mona Lisa is one of the most visited portraits in the world (Summers). Today, this painting is showcased at one of the most monumental museums, The Louvre. Here, over six million people visit and admire The Mona Lisa each year. The face of Mona Lisa remains a symbolic face of the Renaissance. Another one of Leonardo’s famous portraits was done of Gineva de Benci. The woman in his painting “Gineva de Benci” is now one of the most well known personalities of the renaissance (Gopnick). Without his painting, Gineva de Benci would not have become an iconic face of the renaissance. Only a great artist could draw a picture of someone and have that person become a well-known

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