Leonardo Da Vinci A Renaissance Man

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The Renaissance Man
Leonardo da Vinci is one of the most notorious artists from the High Renaissance period. He was a gifted man with many talents. Although he is well known for his artistic abilities, he was also known to be a great inventor, scientist, and engineer. Leonardo produced amazing artwork with a unique style during his time. His artwork is well recognized and popular by modern artist and historians all around the world. Paintings such as the Mona Lisa is considered to be priceless, and others, such as The Last Supper irreplaceable. Along with his paintings, Leonardo left behind many volumes of journals which contained many of his project drawings, studies, and theories.
Leonardo was born in Vinci, Italy in 1452. At a young age,
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He did this to achieve a realistic image in his paintings. He used different mediums when painting. Paintings traditionally painted during the Renaissance era consisted of water based egg tempera. However, Leonardo typically used oil paints that he made from ground pigments. He mixed his colors directly on the working surface; these were normally canvas, boards, or stone. He executed this by applying thin layers of paint over each other to create a rich texture. He often painted with earth tone hues, incorporating neutral or browns grays for underpainting. For many of his paintings, Leonardo would use an underpainting technique to set his foundation for his work. His underpainting process was a time consuming event, but the end result brought an intense amount of realism. With several thin, transparent layers of paint followed by his underpainting, he used a glaze technique to help add a sense of depth to the …show more content…
A technique that elimated any lines or borders. This was the thought process Leonardo had for this technique. This technique was known as sfumato, in which a dark glaze was used around objects to soften the colors. The blended shades gave a soft haze or smoky effect to the edges. The atmohphere in the background also faded to create depth. This technique would create a great transition and kept the main focus on the object in the painting. The well known painting of the Mona Lisa completed in the sfumato technique remains to be one of the most valuable paintings today. Leonardo always seemed achieve the realism effect to his paintings, he continusly expiremented to achieve the best possible view to his art.
The famous painting of Mona Lisa is an iconic piece well known if the art industry. Today this painting can be found in the Louvre museum in Paris, France. This art piece was created approximately between 1503 and 1506. This painting is frequently analyzed for its unique technique and the idea behind it. This well balanced painting began with a detailed underpainting which helped create

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