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Lely Robotic Milking; How it works
General Purpose: To inform.
Specific Purpose: At the end of my speech, the audience will be educated in what the robotic milking systems are and how they operate to create an effective and efficient way of milking.
Thesis: Many of you probably know or have heard of the old fashion way of milking, but today I want to inform you of what the Lely Robotic Milking System is and how it works.

A. Technology…that word means so many things to many different people. When you look into the dairy industry you will find several different types arise.
B. One specific company which deals with dairy technology is Lely, who specializes in the robotic milking systems.
C. Robotic Milking Systems
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Once the grain is dispensed, the arm of the robot, which contains the teat cups and brushes, will move underneath her udder.
D.iv.1. To know where to move, the robot uses the last 30 milkings to move itself.
D.v. The first step in the actual milking process is to wipe or brush off dirt or sand from each teat.
D.v.1. The brushes, according to Lely brochure, will guarantee a 40% more effective clean teat. Next the brushes are moved to the sides and are rinsed off with warm sanitary water.
D.vii. Then the teat cups are put onto the udder.
D.vii.1. Teat cups, which are what gets attached to each teat to milk, another name for them is called inflation.
D.vii.2. The robot uses light lasers to identify each teat as well as using the last 30 days to locate the teats.
D.viii. Once all four teat cups are attached the cow lets her milk down and stands for roughly five minutes in the robot till each teat cup come unattached.
D.ix. Once all teat cups are removed, the machine uses a tip dip, also a sanitary measure and sprays it on all four teats.
D.x. After the tip dip is applied the arm moves out of the way, opens the front gate, and washes the whole system out after each cow.
D.xi. While washing the system the computer checks the milk quality by looking at the coloring of the milk.
D.xi.1. Depending on coloring it will either be sent to the bulk tank or to the MU buckets.
D.xii. When the cow leaves and gate is shut, the robot is ready to milk the next cow.

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