Why Cows Are Considered Sacred To The Hindu Society

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Many people don't understand why there are so many Indians going hungry when they have an abundance of cows. Marvin Harris was trying to help people understand the reason behind why cows are considered sacred to the Hindu in India.In the article Harris explains why many Indians that worship Hinduism don't consume cow meat (Harris 1). People from western societies consider this tradition taboo, but they are failing to realize that life can be used for reasons other than food. In the article Harris explain the valuable role that the cow plays the Hindu society. Marvin Harris explains how cows are considered much more than just meat to the Hindu. The Hindu appreciate the fact that the cow offers so much with its offspring (Harris 3). Western cultures may only view the cow as food, but to the Hindu it's a means of survival. …show more content…
People are failing to realize that a cow is being used for much more than is apparent. The cow has turned into a symbol of health and abundance to the Hindus for a reason. The cows are not just worshipped and revered for the fun of it. They are extremely useful. The cows produce the ox which is used as a tractor, thresher and family car for many people in India (Harris 3). Cows are considered a factory that creates a product that is vital for survival. The ox is an essential tool for farming. Harris states, “the peasant whose cow dies is not only crying over a spiritual loss, but also of his farm as well” (Harris 3). This quote helps fight his argument that they are not just food, they are valuable tools. Harris literally had a counter argument, statistic to prove his claim, or research for every single reason people had for the Hindu to consume

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