Legalizing Marijuana Argumentative Analysis

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The legalization of marijuana has been a controversial topic for the last decade. Some people fear that it is too dangerous, and addictive. People could not be more wrong. People have been given the wrong information and it has crippled marijuana's chances of being legalized for a very long time. Thankfully over time people have come to notice that marijuana is not harmful at all to people. The legalization of marijuana can greatly benefit the United States. Many people from fifty to sixty years ago were under the impression that marijuana was a harmful and addictive drug. The reason for this fear of maijuana was due to the propaganda that the government had exposed their people to. Films like Reefer Madness, and ridiculous novels like reefer boy, gave them false information about marijuana (Joyce 2015). The truth is alcohol is probably more harmful than marijuana, its definitely caused more deaths (Ingraham 2014). …show more content…
As a result both of their economies are growing, more jobs are being created, and less money is being spent by the police to arrest citizens for the possession of marijuana. Several states are keeping a close eye on Colorado and Washington to see what progress they make. Eventually, not necessarily any time soon, marijuana will be legal in all fifty states. There are some restrictions that have to be placed in order to protect people. These restrictions would be very similar to the ones that apply to alcohol. The legalization of marijuana will bring a much needed source of tax money that can greatly benefit the economy. Overall, the positives outweigh the

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