Legalization of Marijuana Essays

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Legalization of Marijuana
Medical and Recreational Uses
Cullen Fitzsimmons
ITT Technical Institute

Authors Note
This research is being submitted on August 17, 2015 to Hugo McPhee’s GS1145 course at ITT Technical Institute by Cullen Fitzsimmons.

I decided that a very controversial subject was that of the legalization of Marijuana, both for medical and recreational use. I found that there are many health benefits to medical marijuana. There also can be many benefits to the recreational use/sale of marijuana. Like all controversial topics there cannot be positives without the negatives. Some of the negatives are accessibility to children, gateway drug and impaired driving.

The legalization of marijuana has been a
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By street justice I mean say I got ripped off by a low life dealer and I was not happy. I cannot call the cops and be like yea this guy sold me this marijuana that, but it was not enough for what I paid for. In the case of theft too that can become a subject where street justice is more prevalent. Moreover the factor that stands out to most people is the taxes that can be made off of this. In states like ours, “criminals” are selling marijuana and not having to pay taxes on their earnings. While in the states that have legalized it they are showing significant spikes in the taxes they are receiving. Colorado seen $40.9 million in revenue from the retail sale of Marijuana. Colorado is using this influx of money wisely. They are investing it back into their education system, and giving it back to tax payers (Rough, 2015). I view this move of investing this extra money back into the future of the state and the country is a great thing. While some people can view the legalization as a bad thing, but if you look at the positive that is coming from it, it is incomparable. Another positive is that arrests are down, which is almost a given if you are going to make something legal then of course you will see the arrests for that particular area go down. While this is a very positive thing because with each arrest made it costs the state money. In Colorado it is estimated it costs them $300 each time an arrest it made. Their arrest rate had dropped 84%

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