Legalization of Marijuana Essay

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Legalization of Marijuana
Michelle Shepard
Soc 120
July 16, 2012
Danielle Camacho

There is no denying that the drug problem in our country today has reached an epidemic proportion. The problem has gotten so out of hand that many options are being considered to control and or solve it. Trying to end the drug war may not seen to be the best answer in the beginning, but those so-called wars on drugs have not been very successful at stopping the drug wars. I feel that there should be some different options. The legalization of marijuana is an option which hasn’t received much of a chance, but should be given one. Given that marijuana has known important medical uses, such as the alleviation of nausea, and the treatment of glaucoma,
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(Mosser, 2010) If one was to use relativism to solve the ongoing legalization of marijuana issue they must assess each individual’s culture and/or society before making a conclusion based on right or wrong. To many government officials the legalization of marijuana is wrong because it is used for recreational purposes. Under the relativism perspective the government would have the right to regulate the lives of its citizens because the decisions would be based on an individual or cultural basis. The relativism approach allows for each party to find a common ground where both parties are satisfied. Relativism would allow for the legalization of marijuana for individuals who require it for medical reasons, and would also remain illegal for those who only use it for recreational purposes.
People have used marijuana for hundreds of years. Marijuana is known by various names, for example people call it weed, bud, ganja, reefer, and grass. It is very popular in the modern pop culture or with the average individual over the age of 16. Currently it is illegal in most states, and if you are caught with marijuana you will be arrested. Even you are not doing anything wrong the police can do a random search, if they find any marijuana on you they can arrest you. Marijuana should

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