Legal Drinking Age Essay

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Introduction I chose to do my research project on the legal drinking age in the United States and whether it should be lowered or stay the same. I and several of my friends who are currently under the age of 21 want it to be dropped to 18. They feel if they are considered old enough to be able to leave home to go to college, join the military, move into their own house, and pay their own bills by the government’s standards then they should have the right to decide and control what they put into their bodies. The legal drinking age in the United States has been a topic of controversy for several years. It is currently one of five developed countries in the world to have a limit that is over the age of 18. Over 60% of countries worldwide have …show more content…
Around the start of the 1930’s as the constitution was being amended state officials decided to set their drinking laws to 21. These stayed in place until around the early 1970’s when states decided to change the age limit yet again. Most states lowered the age of consent and made it a requirement to be 18 or older to drink legally instead of 21.
This lead to an increase in drinking and driving accidents, so much that it became a public epidemic. As a result President Reagan raised the legal drinking age to 21 in 1984. The Minimum Age Drinking Act was passed; declaring that any states that kept an age law under 21 for possessing or purchasing alcohol would have their annual highway funding reduced by 10%. After the act was implemented, the number of drinking and driving reports have dropped by around 50% as reported by the national institute of
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She measured the changes in behavior of youth in New York over the course of one year. When she compared the results of both studies, she found that there was a decrease in the overall number of eighteen year olds and their alcohol consumption. 25% of eighteen year olds were in less alcohol related crashes as well as in drunk driving. There was also a 42% drop in alcohol related fatalities as a result of drunk driving (Facts not opinions about teen drinking,

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