Legacy of Rwanda Essay

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Legacies of Rwanda, Spanish, and Residential schools.
To what extent should contemporary society respond to the legacies of historical globalization?
Historical Globalization affected the entire world in the start of 1492; War, Genocide, and prejudice are all affects of historical globalization. When helping all the races, and people affected by historical globalization should be left for the citizens and the
Government should be responsible about it. Three cultures were affected by historical Globalization; Rwanda, First Nations, and the Spanish Conquest
The first case study is about Residential Schools, how it affected the First Nations, and How it has affected today’s society?
In 1857, Canada passed the gradual Civilization
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The Spanish Conquest of the Aztecs began in the start of 1519 until 1521. April 21st, 1519: 11 Spanish galleons sailed along the eastern gulf. The Galleons had dropped anchor not far from
The beach of the island of san Juan de Ulua. The Vessels, led by Hernan Cortés, carried 550 men,
As well as 16 horses. The Soldiers got off the ship and set up a camp just off the beach. When
Cortés and his men met the Totonac tribe, Greetings and items were exchanged. With the
Knowledge of a great inland Empire. Hernan Cortés immediately sent a message asking for a
Meeting with the Aztec ruler, Montezuma II. . Messengers had already sent the message to the
"Lord of Cuhúa" In Tenochitlán, which is the capital city set on an island in Lake Texcoco, 200 miles away.
They said that fair-skinned, bearded strangers and fearsome man-beasts (Calvary) arrived from the
"Towers floating on the sea". Hernan Cortés set forth and claimed their land for god and king, he build a
Settlement on the coat that he christened Villa Rica Della Vera Cruz, since they arrived on Good Friday, to
What they believed is to be a vast and plentiful land. Once that was over, the Spanish Conquest had begun. Even though all of the odds were against the Spanish, they still managed to find the Aztec empire
Due to Cortés' remarkable fortitude and cunning, as well as some coincidental

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