Left Handed Of A Right Handed World Essay

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Left-Handed in a Right handed world
I remember in kindergarten when I was five years old. My teacher Ms. House gave me a piece of paper with pictures that we were to fold into quarters and cut out. Then we have to glue them to the word that they match. We were each given a pair of children’s scissors that barely work. Unfortunately for me, a left-hander the scissors were made for right-handed kids. I spent a long time trying to cut my paper without making a dent. I told Ms. House in charge that I couldn’t do it. “You’re just not trying hard enough,” she replied. I still remember that until this day. At the time I didn’t realize that little incident was the introduction to a lifetime of misusing things like can-openers, ring-binders, and even reading clocks backwards. This is the smudge of a lefty everyday life. There to be gazed upon by righties who don’t realize you have to try to do everything in a way that seems backwards. Some people write you off as clumsy, or as someone who just doesn’t try hard enough. To be honest, the only time I give my leftness much thought is when I’m elbowing the person next to me.
More particularly, I am curious to find out precisely how handedness develops and how this specific hand desire influences the life of a left-surpassed individual, additionally called a southpaw. Before looking for any definitive solutions, I had to recognize – what percentage of the population is left-exceeded? A lifetime of being left-handed, I have known that…

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