Differences Between Left-Brained Characters

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It’s unclear as to which brain hemisphere is the “best”. Although, when beginning to look closely at each you will see left-brain dominant people are much more logical than right-brained dominant people. It is incredible how easily they are able to figure out “how”, and are completely competent in processing the information quickly and sufficiently. This assists them significantly. They are wielded with a vast amount of useful characteristics including linear thinking, able to pay attention to details, one-at-a-time processing, and are great at proofing (McGinty). On the contrary, right-brained dominant individuals are equipped with all-at-once processing, more of a creative mindset, and produce imagistic thinking (McGinty). So, in conclusion, lefties are overall more intellectual and are able to produce more logical designs.
Left-brained characters are more curious as to how something is happening, and right-brained characters are more likely to discover what something is. Left-brained individuals see cause and effect and notice intriguing details that other right-brained people would never look at. This makes left-brainers much more in tuned with what is going on and able to remember sequences easier.
Within the viewpoints of a right hemispherical person, the brain has an analogical ability to create
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Lefties are able to chart informational aspects into categories and produce distinctive thoughts between the imperative units. Righties are exceptionally susceptible to various qualitative aspects such as emotions, colors, feel, and images. Though, “when a right-brained person attempts to state facts it could be treacherous if they do not take the time to retrieve the proof.” (McGinty) This concludes left-brain dominant people are more receptive to verifiable aspects of the world, and are much more receptive to

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