Learning The Fundamentals Of Digital Photography Essay

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Learning the fundamentals of digital photography is relatively easy. However, there are specific skills and techniques that you’ll only be able to develop well with time and experience. Ask any pro and they’ll tell that it’s probably taken them years to build up their bag of tricks. That being the case, you’d be hard pressed to find some pros that are willing to share with you their special tricks. But don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. We’ll be sharing with you all the photography tips the pros won’t tell you.


A photographer will usually increase the ISO if they want to obtain a sharper picture because it enables a faster shutter speed. Sometimes they will use a smaller aperture for a specific shutter speed, or they may even do a combination of both. DLSRs offer a control over the shutter speed and aperture in ½ or 1/3 stops. Some cameras allow the ISO to be fine-tuned in the same increments. You’ll find that most digital cameras offered for beginners allow the ISO to be adjusted in full stops by default. Conversely, more advanced cameras allow you to custom control the ISO. Whenever you have to work quickly, it’s very useful to activate this feature. You’ll hear a click of the wheel, which denotes a full stop, when you change the ISO.


There’s something magical about the number three, particularly when it comes to photography. You’ll notice three elements about a great photo: three people in a shot, three colors in the…

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