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If Nintendo made Smartphones

When Nintendo announced their intent to move into smartphone gaming earlier this year, the internet was abuzz with gamers pontificating on their pros and cons of the company's decision to branch out beyond their own home consoles for the first time. Many saw the move as minor sacrilege, whilst others were more optimistic about the concept of playing more convenient, pick-up-and-play Zelda and Mario games on the tube. What nobody seemed to be doing, however, was thinking about the more exciting possibility; that if Nintendo were willing to develop games for smartphones, they might also be looking at producing a mobile phone/gaming device of their very own! Enter artist Pierre Cerveau and the “Smart Boy.”

Pierre Cerveau has not only dreamt up what a Nintendo phone might look like, but has gone to the trouble of knocking up some seriously impressive concept art for it

Whilst it's unlikely that Nintendo will actually ever dip its toes into the world of smartphone development (though
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What's so interesting about this idea, is that there would be nothing stopping Nintendo from producing such a device, which could be used with the vast majority of today's existing handsets. It would be a clever way for the company to test the waters without making a full commitment to the market. The “Game Bat,” as Cerveau calls it, would be a real godsend for those of us who enjoy gaming on our smartphones, but loathe touchscreen controls. Add in a virtual console app allowing users to download classic Nintendo games and in my opinion you've got yourself a licence to print money. But then, if Nintendo's business decisions of late are anything to go by, they're not particularly interested in making

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