Learning Outcomes On The Potential Hospitality Leader Essay

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2. Learning Outcomes affect to the potential hospitality leader
Awareness of the nature of the hotel operation can help a hotelier stand on a position that is less vulnerable to attack and more profitable. Throughout learning journey of MHC 603 unit, the learning portfolios and applied training made me strongly believe bout my studies and how the way I choose aims to reach a successful hospitality leader. Basically, I still have the individual barriers with concern about language and experience, however, I also gained the knowledge and experience presented via the learning outcomes during this term. Therefore, by evaluating the weaknesses and opportunities, I made a planning to become a potential hospitality leader in the future.
Individual barriers
I am an international student came to Australia for learning Master’s Degree in the International Hospitality Management from Vietnam. I graduated Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and had working experiences as a marketing position during one year before a move to Australia. I did not have any experiences or backgrounds related to the global tourism and hospitality industry before. This is my first barrier when I decided enter to this industry. In addition, my other barrier is language. Learning Master’s degree by English language that is my second language, sometimes, I had the breakdown in conversation with my foreign friends, and then I tried to convey it by other ways. By limited vocabulary rank and the different…

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