Learning Lives Essay

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This a personal reflection paper in relation to the theories of learning and my own learning journey
This assignment gives a narrative of a substantial part of my learning life, and, how I evolved as a learner, with particular focus on the emotional aspects in the learning and teaching journey by exploring various theories and theorists. I have especially focussed on emotions as with one or two exceptions my early learning journey was bereft of emotions and feelings except for anxiety and fear. From the mini-project are some of the places I gained balm, knowledge and independence of the system I was in as a child and young person.
Having a school teacher I really enjoyed at school is probably limited to a handful that I can remember.
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The teaching method was very much like the one that Freire (1970) described as the “banking model,” (p.13). Within this the role of the teacher is to deposit the supposedly correct information in the students until the information is needed. This didactic tutoring is a preparation for a student to be ready to produce the deposited knowledge when required for an examination or test. This was the model of learning I grew up with and as Friere (1970) wrote, "it transforms students into receiving objects. It attempts to control thinking and action …and inhibits their creative power." (p. 77).
Although as a child I had no way to articulate my unhappiness and boredom at school, as soon as I was more independent from probably about twelve onwards I played truant. It did not feel wrong it felt like breathing fresh air. This where my collage mini-project had its roots, all of the places are where I went when I skipped school. I could have also added museums, which are so deliciously quiet and full of a wonderful marbled ambiance.
My learning experience throughout school was cast in a very traditional method, employing rote, reward-and-punishment and repetition. It was also intended to instil good behaviour as much as to teach reading, writing and arithmetic. Pupils were not encouraged to participate in the process, unless, of course, we were called upon to do so and raised our hands, and definitely we were not to

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