Learning Development Reflection

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Instilled in an effective educator, is a strong understanding and experience with Student Learning Development. Consequently, my personal experience and understanding of Learning Development ranges a broad spectrum including, cognitive, linguistic, social, emotional, and physical. Understanding that students develop at different rates through personal experiences like, field observations are vital. Furthermore, these experiences, influence utilization of developmentally appropriate pedagogy, and planning of relevant learning experiences, that will facilitate developmental growth. Therefore, a preeminent aspect of planning includes, curriculum mapping will ideally will influence students to reach their maximum potential.
The formation of my fundamental knowledge of Learning Development, includes my education course, EDU 222: Developmental Theories. This course, provided information and experiences that allowed for personal growth and understanding of the formal theories of Piaget, Kohlberg and Vygotsky, so that I may consider how to best engage my students resulting in academic performance at their fullest
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These goals are displayed in quarters along with the Indiana State standard that each one of the goals cover. The goals are stated in I can statements to display an expectation for the students as well as myself as the educator to make sure that all criteria are met for students to complete a Quarterly and a Common Assessment for all grade levels. These statements also show personal growth and advanced knowledge by fifth grade. It is important to be aware that limited time was given for the goals to be met by the students resulting in lack of literacy and writing being addressed which are often supplemented in music classrooms. This Artifact has been included to illustrate my ability to design and implement developmentally appropriate and challenging learning

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