Learning Assessment Reflection Paper # 1

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Learning Assessment Reflection Paper #1
Based on your personal and professional experiences to date, what do you believe are the primary reasons for or causes of family members committing acts of violence against another family member? In other words, why do people hurt the ones they love? I have been a law enforcement officer for nearly twenty years. During that period of time I have investigated everything from misdemeanor domestic battery cases to domestic related homicide. In addition, I have worked egregious child abuse investigations and having worked my whole career in Florida, I have seen many elder abuse cases as well. For me, the worst to process emotionally are the intentional affliction of injuries against children. Too many times children are injured by methods that shock the conscience and are committed by persons who were supposed to be providing for or protecting the child. In several cases involving children and elderly victims, prior incidents had been reported to police and protective service organizations were involved but failed to enact tough sanctions against the offender which placed the offender in close proximity to the victim to recommit again. In some cases, terrible incidents of repeat violence took place. Having the knowledge that a case could have or should have been prevented does not help investigating officers or the family process the tragedy any better.

As a child growing up, I had no experience with domestic violence or child…

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