Leadership Theories Of Charismatic Leadership Essay

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Out of the many leadership theories out there, Charismatic leadership makes the most sense. Charismatic leadership attaches to individuals need to compare themselves with others, especially of those who display a level of fortitude that far exceeds those of so called average individuals. These leaders seem to come across as individuals, who complete tasks beyond expectations, and look cool while doing it. To further understand as to why charismatic leadership has a level of efficacy unmatched by the other philosophies of leadership requires a better understanding of the definition.

According to Robert House, as a whole, charismatic leadership is “a leadership theory that states that followers make attributions of heroic or extraordinary leadership abilities when they observe certain behaviors” (Langton, 2016). Meaning that when an individual is observed doing something out of the ordinary, or attempting a task that the general population deems as extraordinary. They will assume that person to be charismatic. However, a better understanding of charismatic leadership can be found from looking at what charisma in it self is. Charisma is something people are born with; they are the individuals who automatically stand out amongst a crowd of people. They radiate a level of energy that is borderline intoxicating, and it is through that, they obtain the ability to command groups of people with an effortless ease. In the workplace “they are effective in spurring others into action…

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